Always Home — You're on vacation and your very aged house-sitter isn't quite sure when or where he is . . . About 2360 words.

I Remember — A prose poem. Published in The Church-Wellesley Review in Spring of 1996 or '97. In memory of Ken Hutchinson.

Jum — A ghost story which was published in the now defunct Story Teller Magazine, Fall 1995. There are two endings here -- the one that Story Teller insisted on and the one that I wanted. Story Teller's ending makes the story about one third longer and explains everything. Some people will do anything to get published! About 3800 words.

My Mouth — A short but endless poem.

Open House — Sometimes the only way to deal with temptation is to give in to it. About 505 words.

Sullen Boy — A silly little Lanark County fable with a happy ending. About 2020 words.

The Penny — A work in progress which ran out of steam. Maybe some day I'll return to it. About 3725 words so far.

To Lestat — A poem.


A Kind of a Blur — What's it like when you're completely, stunningly, putridly drunk? Find out in about 1270 words.

Johnny Running Wolf — Unpublished story; part of the Canadian Navy series. One editor wouldn't touch this because he thought readers would think it was racist. Hello??? About 4800 words.

Like a Dream — Canadian Navy, 1960. What happens when you fall in love with your best friend? Previously published in "Queeries", an anthology of Gay fiction, by Arsenal Pulp Press. About 2400 words.

Sailor Boy — Alone in the big city and stuck in the closet! What's a girl to do? About 640 words.

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